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Faculty and Staff Train for Undocumented Students

By Marvin Peña in News

Clark will be offer a workshop called Dreamers 102 tomorrow 9-11 a.m. in Gaiser Hall 205. The workshop is planned for Clark faculty and staff from different departments.

Clark’s Office of Diversity and Equity has organized the workshop for several years. The goal is to improve the process that Clark uses for students who are undocumented immigrants.

The workshop focuses on students enrolled due to House Bill 1079, a state law passed in 2003 allowing some students who are not permanent residents or citizens to pay in-state tuition rates. According to multicultural retention manager Felisciana Peralta, Dreamers 102 goes beyond the regular instructions that some Clark staff received in previous years.

“We trained a group of Clark’s employees in different departments and we call this group the task force,” Peralta said. “They come from crucial departments for the Dreamer, such as Financial Aid and Registration among others.”

Peralta said the workshop’s main focus is to educate Clark’s staff and professors to understand better the “dreamers’” situation and eliminate barriers that prevent students from being successful.

“One of the challenges that the dreamers face is due to the difficulties at the time they want to get in school,” Peralta said. “Just the paperwork could be confusing. With this workshop we will be able to help them properly.”

For further information you can contact Felisciana Peralta at or call the Teaching and Learning Center at 360-992-2069.


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