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Washington Voter’s Pamphlet Art Contest

Three previous winning pamphlet drawings. Left to right: picture of variously colored hands cooperatively pulling a rope. Middle : hand putting an envelope into a ballot box shaped like Washington state. Text reads

Washington college and trade school students will be competing to design the general election voters’ pamphlet.

Designs are due June 15 and must reflect the theme “The Future is Yours.” The contest is being held by the Washington Secretary of State and participants must be eligible to vote in the fall election.

“It’s a great chance to show your artistic skills, and to encourage your fellow students to take part in the upcoming election,” said Brian Zylstra, deputy communications director for the Office of the Secretary of State.

This is the 14th annual contest, but the first time it has been open to college students. Acceptable submission formats must be two-dimensional, and can include paintings, drawings, photography and computer-generated art.

Those interested in entering should visit the Washington Secretary of State’s blog.

Ad for contest. Reads :FIY 16 Call For Entri. 2016 Art contest. Enter by June 13. Let's get creative.

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