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Students Celebrating Ramadan

The Islamic holiday Ramadan will begin on Monday and last until July 6, during which celebrating students will not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset.

Ramadan is one of five pillars of Islam. According to, “the object of fasting is that a person should abstain from the food which nourishes the body and obtain the other food which satisfies and brings solace to the soul.”

Ramadan can affect a student’s work ethic based on lack of food or beverage, said Director of International Programs Jane Walster. Therefore, the Office of International Programs asked students and faculty through a campus-wide email “to be sensitive and understanding” to those students who will be celebrating.

Clark has no policy allowing absences or excusing tests for Muslim students because of Ramadan. Walster said teachers are discouraged, but not prohibited, to give tests during the final days of the holiday, also known as Eid.

Walster said many Ramadan participants are “proud of their culture and happy to share” and talk about their culture with non-Muslims.

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