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Drone​ ​Captures​ ​Annual​ ​Veteran’s​ ​Day Photo

Clark’s Student Life sets up flags in a star shape on the lawn near the chime tower on the grounds central of campus for the annual Veteran’s Day Group Photo. This year a flying drone captured an aerial view of the event. (Carson McNamara/The Independent)
Student Life hosted their annual Veteran’s Day Group Photo on Nov. 10 at noon at the Grounds Central near the chime tower.  
The event is “a unique opportunity to gather and show support for our veterans while also being in a great photo,” according to the Student Life Facebook page.  
Veterans students and staff attended the event to celebrate those who have served our country. The photo was taken by a drone, which flew above the crowd as they smiled, waved and saluted the camera.  
Kerrigan Honn, attendee and student, was unaware of the event until passing by on her way to class. “Seeing all these people come together just warms my heart,” Honn said. She said it was a fun way to celebrate in a short amount of time.  
Student Life expressed their enthusiasm for the great turnout of the event and encouraged 
attendees to spread word of the annual event to boost attendance for next year. 
About Carson McNamara (2 Articles)
I am the photo editor at Clark College. I love working out, elephants, and bagels.


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