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  • A map of the United States that highlights the different states that the Clark College women's basketball team come from

    Enlisting New Troops: Scholarships Attract Diverse Athletes

    Throughout Fall quarter, neon pink signs lined the walls of O’Connell Sports Center proclaiming in bold letters: “Women’s basketball players wanted.” Now, about halfway through the season, the 11-member team features eight freshmen and six players from beyond Washington and Oregon. That includes freshman Hawaii-native Breann Nueku. The distance of the roster is nothing new, according to head coach Al Aldridge. Clark continues to take advantage of the NWAC recruiting zone that allows [read more]
  • Sarah Swift presides over an ASCC executive council meeting.  This is her second quarter as ASCC President.

    The Sounds of Success

    The hustle and bustle of the day is steadily winding down, and many across campus have already returned home for the evening. Before all ASCC officers can retire, however, they have one last meeting to attend. As rain steadily patters at the window, they gather in PUB 160D to hash out the details of the past meeting and plan for future events. One officer rises and calls the meeting to order with a few sharp taps of a gavel. She gazes around the circle of members, assessing the attendance and [read more]
  • Farrell-Smith's painting "Vision Quest Glyphology" hanging on the wall of Vancouver City Hall.

    Remembering The Past Through Her Art

    Indigenous artist Kaila Farrell-Smith said she is “finding meaning in what was lost” through her works. Her painting, called “Vision Quest Glyphology,” is the main attraction and hangs on the 30-foot wall in the Vancouver City Hall lobby. Farrell-Smith is a Klamath/Modoc contemporary artist chosen by City Hall curator Erin Dengerink to showcase her artwork in the lobby from January to March. She will also be featured in Clark’s Archer Gallery following the end of her current exhibit. [read more]
  • A photo of Leonardo DiCaprio playing Hugh Glass in the film "The Revenant." He is looking out into the distance while walking along a snowy mountainside.

    Beautifully Brutal: DiCaprio Delivers Raw Performance

    “I ain’t afraid to die anymore,” said Hugh Glass, a fur trapper who had just been found, thought dead after being abandoned by fellow fur trapper John Fitzgerald. “I’d done it already.” Directed by Alejandro Iñárritu, “The Revenant” tells the story of Glass who is left for dead by Fitzgerald after being mauled by a bear. The film follows Glass on his quest for survival and revenge across the winter wilderness. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy star as Glass and Fitzgerald, [read more]
  • A sign in front of the closed C-tran stop on St. John's street. It reads, "This stop will remain closed until the opening of the Vine. Use temporary stop west of this location." Construction work is visible in background.

    ‘Vine’ Construction Continues

    Lucky Clark students may find up to ten minutes shaved off their commute by the end of the year by riding C-Tran’s upcoming bus system. Under construction since last summer, the Vine is the first bus rapid transit system in the region and is slated for completion by the end of 2016. The new system will run from downtown to the Vancouver Mall along the Fourth Plain corridor, replacing bus routes four and 44, according to the project website. C-Tran’s buses along routes four and 44 run [read more]
In the spotlight

Women Voters Divided on Clinton

by Emily A. Hancock in In The Spotlight

America will elect its 45th president this November, and citizens across the nation are anxious to hear who the official nominees will be. For the past eight years, the U.S. [read more]




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