• Just a Sound: Few Women in Clark’s Jazz Band

    Lissa McCarty has been playing jazz music since elementary school. However, she’s always noticed one thing: “I’ve never seen a big band with an equal amount of young men and women,” the piano player said. McCarty is one of two female members of Clark’s jazz band. The other is Ariana Peters. Peters, who plays third trombone, said the lack of women in jazz is something that’s been there “forever.” “I started playing in an ensemble in the fifth grade,” she said. “I was the [...]
  • Athletes Play the Field Baseball Seniors Move on to Colleges & Careers

    This fall, some graduating Clark baseball players will find themselves on another team, in another division, potentially miles from home. They’re using their sport as a way to access larger pools of scholarships and universities. Head baseball coach Mark Magdaleno, who has previously stressed a “school-comes-first” policy, will see at least five players transfer to four-year universities after graduation. Clark first baseman and pitcher Brady Johnson will transfer to Hawaii Pacific [...]
  • Get Your Kicks With These Summer Flicks

    The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the clouds are finally starting to clear up. Summer is rapidly approaching and that means one thing: Summer movie season is upon us. While there are dozens of films coming out over the next few months here are five to keep an eye on.   “Hereditary” Release date: June 7 Starting off the summer is a horror film written and directed by Ari Aster. “Hereditary” follows members of the Graham family as they unravel dark secrets about their [...]
  • Clark Student Spotlight

    Most Clark students are under 30, exploring their options for education and careers. However, strolling through campus and you’ll see many who don’t fit that mold. A few students shared their stories.   Marilyn Stewart Editor’s note: this story contains graphic descriptions of suicidal thoughts. Marilyn Stewart, 71, said she found herself at the lowest point in her life last year. Feeling like no one cared, Stewart loaded a gun, pointed it at her temple and placed her finger on the [...]



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