• Clark VP of Instruction Named Clackamas Community College President

    By Luc Hoekstra – Campus Editor Clark Vice President of Instruction Tim Cook was named president of Clackamas Community College on March 14 at the Clackamas Community College Board of Education meeting in Oregon City. After announcing Cook’s win, the board presented him a basket of college garb for his new school. “I’m going to need to find a Clackamas Community College bowtie,” Cook said. He expressed gratitude to the Board and commended them on what he said was “an incredibly [...]
  • Growing Pains: Culinary Program Settles Into New Facility

    Culinary students and professors are getting used to their new facility. The program has many plans for the future, but is still in its smoothing out stages of running the institute, selling food and holding classes. There are things the average student should know before eating there. “There are a few growing pains just getting used to the new facility and new instructors,” first year baking student Leslie Krawchuk said. “But that is completely expected.” Krawchuk said during the first [...]
  • The Only Home They Know: Dreamers Face Uncertain Future

    A Clark student rolls out of bed and prepares for her day. Between 20 credits and a full-time assistant manager job, free time is precious, but she still manages to go shopping and get coffee with her friends. In most ways, her life is the typical student experience. Yet for her it could be snatched away at any moment. One day, she might find herself in a country that is unfamiliar and hers in name only. This student, a Dreamer, faces the uncertainty of DACA’s future under the Trump [...]
  • Interpreting Safety: Concealed Carry on Campus

    Safety doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Student and two-year Army veteran Mitch Keith said he’s owned a concealed carry permit for seven years because it means constant protection for him, his wife and his children. “If there’s something that’s going to happen, I’d rather have a chance to live than the automatic assumption that I’m dying,” Keith said. For student Jenifer Banceu, firearms are a part of her family history. She grew up having to carry the weight of the gun [...]
  • No Picture

    Pizza Boxes Piling Up: Contaminated Cardboard Poses Challenges at Clark

    If you’ve ever attended an event on campus, you’ve probably seen the pizza. Between student events, staff meetings and clubs, Clark buys a lot of it from Dominos, around 850 pies this school year, as of Feb. 16. That’s a lot of pizza. It’s also a lot of boxes. According to Clark’s Environmental Sustainability and Recycling webpage, the college is dedicated to reducing natural resource degradation and increasing sustainability in its academic and daily affairs. But Clark staff and [...]



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