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  • 3 students from the Clark College Class of 2015 wind up to throw their caps. at last year's ceremony.

    648 Steadfast Penguins Cap Off 2016 With Degrees

    Graduation. To some, it represents the beginning of a new chapter in life. To others, it represents a badge of proficiency in one’s trade. But for all, it is a day for supporters, friends and family to come together in celebration of a great milestone for this year’s 648 graduates. This year’s commencement ceremony will host guest speaker Jessica Lynch, who will share her story of perseverance when in the face of overwhelming adversity. The former U.S. Army soldier and prisoner of war [read more]
  • April Duvic leading the Clark College Chorale's weekly practice last Wednesday in Beacock Music Hall. The chorale's final performance of the year will be 7:30 PM Friday at the First United Methodist Church in Vancouver.

    Choir Director Leaves on a High Note

    As the members of the Clark College Chorale sing, their voices ring with an impeccable precision, hitting exactly the right notes to complement each other. The sound fills the cramped music room with passion and exaction, a coordinated effort to create a whole sound that is greater than the sum of its parts. This inspiring vocal feat looks effortless to the observer, but is far from it; each and every thread of the tapestry is carefully nurtured and woven into place by the woman standing on a [read more]
  • Health worker Laureen Edelstein demonstrates how to use
Naloxone Hydrochloride, a narcotic overdose treatment, at the Clark County
Needle Exchange in Vancouver. Clark County saw 62 opioid-related deaths
in 2014, according to the Washington State Department of Health. (Photo
credit: Bailey Scully / The Independent)

    Clark County Fights Opioid Epidemic

    When ambulance crews arrived they had to use naloxone, a drug that displaces opioids from receptors in the brain, to revive Trevor Pitchforth. Twice. For Pitchforth, 23, the most profound moment came when first responders cut his shirt off and shoved tubes down his throat to remove the vomit he inhaled while overdosing. This all happened in 2014, the deadliest year for opioid overdoses nationwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Washington has been in the midst of a [read more]
  • This Memorial Day, the Veteran's Resource Center and Veteran’s Club gave students, faculty and staff the opportunity to post American flags in honor of loved ones who died into a star shape surrounding a white cross. Participants wrote little notes voicing their appreciation for these veterans or a description of the man or woman they had in mind while planting the flag.

    Clark Honors Fallen Warriors

    For Memorial Day, Clark’s Veterans Resource Center and Veterans Club remembered fallen heroes by posting 250 American flags in a star-shape surrounding a cross near Clark’s chime tower from May 25 to May 27. Students were encouraged to tag personal notes to the flags that honored a veteran or showed support for them. Christian Jamieson, vice president of Clark’s Veterans Club and a student ambassador, says that as a Marine reservist, Memorial Day is a reminder “to not forget [read more]
  • Nathan Gjesdal.

    Opinion: Bias-based Incident Protocol Threatens Free Speech

    During the recent celebration of PRIDE day at Clark, two bathrooms were marked as all-gender for the duration of the event, foreshadowing Clark’s renovation of 28 single-occupancy restrooms by the end of the summer. However, as reported by The Independent, unnamed vandals decided to voice their disapproval, leaving a written statement and decorating the bathroom floor with feces and urine. Following the incident, Clark issued a student-wide email introducing the Bias-based Incident [read more]
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Welding Students Build and Test Boat

by Wanda McNealy in All

Students in Clark’s welding program are building a life-sized boat for the first time. This will be the second project as a class.  Welding instructor John Kuhn said the [read more]




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