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  • Athletic Director Chris Jacob

    New Athletic Director Has Big Cleats to Fill

    It’s a common belief that hard work and dedication will eventually pay off in a career. However, for new Clark College Athletic Director Chris Jacob, the payoff came much sooner than expected. After serving as Clark’s assistant athletic director for nearly two years, Jacob is replacing the former head of athletics, Ann Walker. Walker resigned from her position over the summer to accept a new job as director of events and communication with the Alliance of Women Coaches. The alliance is [read more]
  • Stranger Things cast

    A Blast From the Past: Stranger Things Pays a Thrilling Tribute to ’80s Pop Culture

    Hawkins National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy. Nov. 6, 1983. Harsh, fluorescent lights flicker, casting a green glow around a metal door at the end of a cold, sterile hallway. Then, out of the quiet, the door bursts open and an alarm sounds as a balding man in a lab coat flies like a bat out of hell down the dimly lit passage. Following the twists and turns of the hall, the man stops running only when he reaches an elevator at the very end. Frantically punching the elevator button, he [read more]
  • Students walking to class fall quarter

    College 101 Class Seeks to Build Student Confidence

    The crunch of autumn leaves. The soft padding of small steps. New pens, new friends and new fears. On the first day of kindergarten students take the first small step in their own big adventure. But beyond kindergarten the adventure continues, and this Fall students will once again face the nervous excitement of a first day of school. This time, in college. And while the goal and the school have changed, for many the fear remains. Students will not only face old fears like making new friends [read more]
  • Vice President of Instruction Tim Cook

    Clark Embarks On Pathways Plan to Boost Student Success

    Clark administrators, faculty and staff kick off a five-year effort this Fall to streamline course offerings and boost the school’s 26 percent completion rate. According to the Vice President of Planning and Effectiveness Shanda Diehl, the Guided Pathways model will have students choose between eight to 10 “pathways,” which are sequences of required and elective courses focused on the program of their choice. College officials hope this design will lead more students to transfer degrees [read more]
  • After two years of construction, the college’s $39 million STEM building is open for Fall quarter 2016.

    STEM Building Opens Its Doors for Fall Classes

    After years of intensive planning and design, Clark College’s new 70,000-square-foot STEM building will be opening for students this Fall. According to a spokesperson from the Clark College Foundation, the $39 million project was proposed over eight years ago and has faced several setbacks, including budget cuts and even an archeological dig. But on Sept. 19 the doors are opening to students for the first time. One of the first things that you see when entering the facility is the drop tower, [read more]
In the spotlight

Inside the Indy: Letter from the Editor

by Emily A. Hancock in In The Spotlight

Greetings, Penguins! As the new editor-in-chief of The Independent, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the students of Clark College. I hope that everyone is adjusting [read more]




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