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  • 2016-17 Athletic Highlights

    Reporter Elliott Lang contributed to this story Women’s Soccer Clark’s women’s soccer team ended their 14-3-1 season with an overtime loss of 2-1 to Northwest Idaho. Forward Molly Joyce led the Penguins to first place in the NWAC Southern Division with an 11-0-1 record. Joyce had 25 goals, five assists and earned second in the league, where a goal is two points and an assist is one, with 55 points overall.     Men’s Soccer Clark’s men’s team finished their 10-8-2 season with a [read more]
  • “Alien: Covenant”: Visually stunning, lacks aliens

    Smoke was everywhere, stinging Lt. Ellen Ripley’s eyes as she crept down a rusted corridor of the Nostromo. Drenched in sweat, Ripley brushed against the wall with one hand while clutching an unwieldy flamethrower tight to her chest with the other. An alarm blared somewhere above her.    She rounded the corner, gingerly lowering herself over the edge of a narrow service ladder. When she reached the bottom she was panting with exertion, blind in the darkness save for the flickering light of [read more]
  • Transgender and Misgendered: A Personal Take on the Power of Pronouns

    Opinion “I just need more time. You look so feminine and I need to get used to calling you ‘he.’” This isn’t a quote from any one person, but a summary of what I’ve been told by people over and over again. I am transgender. I was assigned female at birth, but through time, I’ve learned that I’m actually a guy. I go by he, him and his pronouns. Those who call me by my correct pronouns and acknowledges me as male are the biggest supports in my life; those that don’t make my life [read more]
  • Two Time All American Defies Impairment, Outpaces Competition

    At the starting line of the Cougar Open in Canby, Oregon, the freshman runner crouches confidently for the 1500-meter race. He explodes at the crack of the starting gun, blazing down the chalk-striped straightaway. Despite a strained calf and nasty cold, Jason Ernst picks up speed, eventually outpacing all but one competitor in his heat as he sprints toward a finish line he cannot see. Unlike his competitors, Ernst, Clark business student and track and field athlete, is legally blind. Diagnosed [read more]
  • Inside the Indy: Parting Thoughts

    My heart was racing. I wiped my sweaty palms on my ironed slacks and stepped into the room. A week before, I submitted my application for the life editor position at the Independent. I had over prepared for this interview because it was my dream to have the same job my sister had just a few quarters ago. A couple days later, I received a call from the editor-in-chief. I didn’t get the job. At least not initially. That was in winter 2015. Fast forward to now and we’ve published the final [read more]



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