• Future Building Project To Replace Hannah, Hawkins & Foster Halls

    The Clark College campus has gone through many changes since its founding in 1933 and continues to grow. Last March, the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges gave initial approval for a  $22,747,000 dollar renovation project that will see Foster, Hannah and Hawkins Halls replaced with a two-story, 40,000 square foot learning center adjacent to Frost Arts Center. Building plans are still being finalized and construction is expected to begin in six to eight years. “Within the state [...]
  • Culturing the Land: Native Species Restores Locale

    Biology students took to the field once again May 14 to 17 at St. Cloud Park to promote ecological restoration through the outplanting of native plant species, which students nurtured from seedlings in Clark’s greenhouse. The Native Plant Center is a Clark program that replaced the horticulture program, designed to offer environmental and biology students hands-on work fostering native plant growth, an introduction to fieldwork with professionals in agriculture agencies and an appreciation [...]
  • You Gonna Eat That? Scrounge Table Could Relieve Food Insecurity at Clark

    A student walks absentmindedly toward a table, placing a plate with a half-eaten hamburger lying on its side, french fries scattered across it and a few drops of ketchup. Seconds later, another student approaches the table, their eyes on a different plate and their hands reaching for the leftovers. They nibble on the fries, grateful to quiet their growling stomach. Thirty-five percent of Clark students have faced housing and food insecurity within the past year according to a survey of Clark [...]
  • Remembering Vanport: Students Invited to Volunteer at Upcoming Festival

    On Memorial Day 1948, flood waters washed down the Columbia river. They swept over Jantzen Beach, burst through a dyke, and destroyed the unofficial city of Vanport, leaving behind very little evidence of the community that, at its peak, included over 40,000 people. This month, on the 70th anniversary of the flood, Clark students have an opportunity to bring Vanport’s history to life. Geography professor Heather McAfee is recruiting volunteers to help the nonprofit organization Vanport Mosaic [...]
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey 50 Years Later

    Lines of cars pack the Kansas City, Missouri drive-in theater as the stars shine bright over ahead. The audience sips drinks and munches on popcorn as their car speakers crackle with an ominous soundtrack of high-pitched synths and strings. Their eyes are entranced on the screen showcasing a technicolor whirlwind of stars and warped landscapes. It’s 1968 and those in attendance, including Clark English instructor Kathryn Scrivener, are getting ready to watch “2001: A Space Odyssey.”   [...]



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