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  • (Nathan Baird / The Independent)

    Hasta Siempre: Archer Gallery’s New Exhibit Captures Latin America’s Turbulent Past

    Marvin Pena – Mundo Clark Editor-in-Chief In Washington D.C, in front of a stately six-story mansion on 16th Street, hangs a flag. Decorated in red, white and blue, the flag is a colorful symbol that grabs the attention of visitors and passers-by alike, but it isn´t the well-known American flag. It is the Cuban flag that was only raised again last year, after the building ceased operation in 1961. No one could have predicted the revival of a Cuban embassy in Washington D.C., given the [read more]
  • (Emily Hancock / The Independent)

    “Enough Is Enough” 150 March For Unity, Racial Justice

    They were clad in wide-brimmed and bead-adorned hats, floral dresses, patterned aprons, and armed with a message of unity, peace and social justice. The members of the Portland Raging Grannies rehearsed their dance routine on the lawn of Marshall Park as people gathered for a unity march on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. Black Lives Matter Vancouver and the now-suspended Kaitlyn Beck campaign organized the Oct. 2 unity march to spread a message of peace and love through the community, while [read more]
  • Photo of choir director conducting a class

    Meet Dr. Funk

    Recent Grad Directs Concert Choir With Passion & Personality The sound of a choir singing spills into the hallway of Beacock Music Hall from the closed door of room 104. Inside, students harmonize with the accompanist while a man in a white button-down shirt sways his hands back and forth at the front of the room. “Nice, everybody,” Dr. Jacob Funk said with a smile on his face. “Love that tone”. He paused, then lifted his hands again, prompting the choir to move on to the next [read more]
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    Summer in Cinema: Five Flicks That Shouldn’t Go Under Your Radar

    For many, summer is a time to relax, forget their worries and have some fun in the sun. But while some love to spend all of their time outside, many would rather spend their summer surrounded by friends in the comfort of a movie theater. Each summer brings an onslaught of big-budget blockbusters with all-star casts, and this year was no exception. From superhero epics like “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Suicide Squad” to CGI-heavy remakes of classics such as “Ghostbusters” and [read more]
  • (Diana Aristizabal / The Independent)

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of More Choices

    On Nov. 8, when the dust finally settles on the 2016 presidential election and the maps on the news channels are all filled in with red and blue, one of the two most disliked candidates in the history of American politics will be declared the next president of the United States. The question is, what will be the prime factor in that decision? Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are chasing the youth vote in an attempt to wrap up the presidency, but they face an uphill battle against apathy [read more]
In the spotlight

Inside the Indy: Implicit Bias in the Media

by Emily A. Hancock in In The Spotlight

The role of the news media, as veteran journalist Carl Bernstein notes, is to report the best attainable version of the truth: the facts, the figures, the five W’s and the [read more]




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