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  • Scorching Heat to Cold Downpours: Venezuelan Baseball Player’s Path to Clark

    This story was originally published in “Mundo Clark” and has been translated by the original reporter, Marvin Peña, for the Independent. Sports Editor Michael Larsen-Teeters also contributed to this story. The stagnant heat and a poorly laid field. A two hour long bus ride precedes and follows three hours of baseball practice. All for the love and pride of a national tradition: Baseball. For most Venezuelan kids, like Reinaldo Gonzalez, being a baseball player is a dream that stays with [read more]
  • Peele Hypnotizes Audiences With Dark Comedy

    “Do they know that I’m black?” Chris Washington asks Rose Armitage with a hint of worry in his voice. “Mom and Dad, my black boyfriend will be coming up this weekend,” Armitage jokingly responded. “I don’t want you to be shocked that he’s a black man.” Washington and Armitage, played by Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams respectively, star in writer and director Jordan Peele’s new horror-comedy film “Get Out.” The film, which premiered on Feb. 24, follows Washington, [read more]
  • Breaking The Silence: A Conservative Student Speaks Up

    I was the only one not expressing fear and disdain in my classroom the morning after President Donald Trump was elected. I listened to my classmates’ complaints and concerns, but refrained from sharing my support for him. I feared my peers would ridicule and shun me. Though I don’t support Donald Trump’s personal actions, I would have voted for him because of our similar political ideologies. But there was no way I was going to tell that to the class. Many conservative students, like [read more]
  • Modeling A Country Through Young Eyes: Three Perspectives From Model United Nations

    Clark’s Model United Nations team spends all quarter preparing for conferences, which are simulations of actual UN meetings. The club’s 11  members meet once a week, but spend their own time preparing for each conference. They conduct research and write position papers that discuss topics from the perspective of their assigned countries. Topics include everything from human trafficking to the worldwide refugee crisis. The club was previously a class, and MUN faculty adviser Joe Cavalli [read more]
  • Shaping Their Future With Clay: Clark Alumni Showcase Ceramic Art

      Behind a thin, glass exhibit case, two faces stare eerily into the silent lobby.   Swirls and twists of painted ceramic bowls and cups line the walls of the Frost Arts Center lobby as Clark alumni feature their pieces in a special exhibition, “The Next Step.” The exhibit, which opened on Feb. 21, features the different ceramic styles of 10 artists. “The Next Step” was created to inspire current art students and showcase alumni abilities and personal expression. Students will [read more]
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The Indy Wins In The City By The Bay:

by Benji Grundner in All

“There’s something to be said about bragging rights.” That’s what Laura Widmer, executive director of the National Scholastic Press Association, had to say of the [read more]




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